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Another good reason to start using EEZY KEYZ® – the Finnish National Cyber Security Centre gives warning that the “secure mail” solutions based on link sending are being used in phishing campaigns

Thousands of Finnish citizens have received phishing messages disguised as ”secure messages”. The messages look like the ”secure messages” the users are used to but the links redirect to phishing sites.

The ”secure email” solutions based on sending links have a fundamental problem from the information security perspective. Educating users into trusting and clicking links on unencrypted and unauthenticated ”you have received a secured message” notification email messages makes them vulnerable for these kinds of attacks the Cyber Security Centre is now warning.

The only way to have secure and authenticated email communications is to adopt client side end-to-end email encryption with digital signatures. This is exactly what EEZY KEYZ® offers as an easy-to-use and -operate solution. EEZY KEYZ® automatically encrypts and digitally signs all messages and attachments between users without any extra steps reaquired from the end-users.

Source: Viestintävirasto