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EEZY KEYZ® received excellent results in their review. The most appreciated EEZY KEYZ® features were:

  • EEZY KEYZ® is simple to use
  • EEZY KEYZ® is compatible with users existing email and does not require creating a new email account
  • EEZY KEYZ® offers truly private and secure end-to-end email encryption
  • Quote from the review: “EEZY KEYZ email encryption is a great product that has been introduced into the email encryption industry. Being the only email security providers that truly offer private and secure end-to-end email encryption puts them up there among the major players in the industry. Their client application is also pretty simple to use and you do not need to create a new email to use EEZY KEYZ. In view of the prices that they charge, EEZY KEYZ is a massive product!”

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