EEZY KEYZ® Ushers in the Dawn of Automated End-to-End Encryption of Email Communications

Finnish Software Developer, IPRA Technologies Ltd., Announces the Global Product Launch of EEZY KEYZ® Which Finally Makes Encrypted Email Communication Feasible for the Masses With a “No Backdoor” Guarantee

EEZY KEYZ® now delivers the world’s strongest Cross-Platform, end-to-end email encryption solution enabling secure email communication between PC, Android & iOS devices. The software uses unique and patent pending session & identitybased multi-key encryption technology to secure users’ email and provide complete privacy. EEZY KEYZ® is compatible with virtually all email services. It is a user-friendly solution with a fully automated encryption process that allows users to adopt end-to-end encryption with very little effort. These features make this innovative encryption solution attractive for both businesses and private users.

“We believe that every individual and business has the right to keep their communication and email data private, regardless of their IT skills or resources. Guided by this, we had four main priorities when developing EEZY KEYZ®: 1) it must truly be secure (end-to-end encrypted), 2) it must be easy to use 3) it must be compatible with users’ existing email and 4) there cannot ever be any backdoors included in our system” says Mr. Lauri Valjakka, CEO of IPRA Technologies Ltd.

Very strong end-to-end encryption

EEZY KEYZ® uses very strong encryption. The message content, attachments and metadata are separately encrypted on the user’s device with 3×256 BIT AES and 1X3072 BIT RSA keys. The software automatically and randomly generates session & identity based encryption keys for each individual email, so that every email, attachment and metadata are always uniquely encrypted. The EEZY KEYZ® encryption has been tested, audited and validated by VTT and F-Secure.

IPRA Technologies Ltd. is a zero-knowledge provider of end-to-end encryption, which means that EEZY KEYZ® never transmits or stores any email, and users’ private keys are encrypted. Email is transmitted by the user’s email service provider.  The messages are encrypted and decrypted on the user’s device, which guarantees that only the sender and receiver ever have access to the encrypted content. Encrypted email will never be saved unencrypted locally or in the cloud unless the user explicitly decides to do so.

Ease-of-use Cross-Platform solution compatible with any email

EEZY KEYZ® combines uncompromised privacy and security with ease-of-use. The encryption process, key management and distribution are fully automatic so after installing EEZY KEYZ® users can continue using email like before. The only difference is that encrypted email can be sent to other EEZY KEYZ® users with a single click. Unencrypted email can be sent normally to anyone.

EEZY KEYZ® is available for Android & iOS devices as an email client app and for MS Outlook as an extension plugin. There is no need to open a new email account. EEZY KEYZ® supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange protocols, so it is compatible with virtually all email services. Because the number of EEZY KEYZ® installations for an email address isn’t limited, users can easily protect all of their email devices and companies can adopt BYOD practices securely.

About IPRA Technologies Ltd.

IPRA Technologies Ltd. is a software development company focused on encryption technology. Headquartered in Finland, one of the member states in the European Union, the company was founded in 2009 to bring to market the results of a decade-long R&D project that validated the technology behind the EEZY KEYZ® solutions. There are no backdoors or general keys in EEZY KEYZ® and the company’s servers are located in Finland.