Known Issues (20.1.2017)

As we have just recently released our software, there are still issues and bugs to be fixed. In order to be transparent, we have listed here the known issues which are currently being worked on.

Outlook plugin (2010 v1.2.0.25 & 2013 v1.0.0.60)

  • When receiving an encrypted message from mobile device, PDF attachments are not shown in Outlook.
  • When sending an encrypted message from Outlook to Outlook with multiple attachments, some of the attachments are not always received.
  • When receiving an encrypted email in Outlook 2010, the Outlook reading pane is sometimes blank. Once the email is opened in a new window, the pane works fine.
  • When replying or forwarding an encrypted email containing a Table, the formatting of the table is ruined.
  • The details of encrypted email (title & first row of body text) are not visible in inbox list view.
  • Replying to encrypted email from the Outlook context menu does not work. (Outlook 2013)
  • Encrypted message sent from iOS is not in readable format in Outlook if the message contains special characters (Scandinavian letters).
  • Outlook 2013 plugin is sometimes deactivated when Outlook is restarted. If this happens re-enable the plugin from Outlook’s Settings -> Add-Ins.

iOS app (v0.25.0)

  • Some folders are missing when using Exchange account. Only Inbox, Contacts and Local drafts visible.
  • Pressing trashcan button in detail view does not delete the message. (Exhange accounts).

Android app (v1.0.4)

  • Received video files get corrupted and cannot be opened.
  • When in menu view, pressing back button exits the application instead of closing the side menu.
  • Missing recipient info if multiple recipients (shows only 3) and Bcc info in Sent messages.